Art by S.L.Heart 
by S.L.Heart 
by S.L.Heart
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"Magic" (2014) by S.L.heart
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"Stargazer" by S.L.Heart
"Laughter" by S.L.HeartVisit me for more art and poetry =) <3

" The clocks will be ticking slowly, in the wednesday afternoon. The arms will hold tight the hours and the sunrise. There will be lace and pearls and white wings in the softness. Bright lights laid in known pages and jasmin and the pearly sea.
She will breathe in the open road, inhale the waves of the unknown, the salty scents of heaven, a hint of spotlight, a hint of roses, a hint of summer rain.” S.L. Heart

"Of a Silent String" by me
Model: Me
Photographer: Nuno Bernardo
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